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Information on Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, Ltd.’s various advertising services.

The most cost-effective B-to-B advertising
Newspaper advertisements

Daily Industrial News’ readership is centered on senior managers with decision-making rights for procurement, and technology development and R & D personnel. Our readers show a high level of interest in advertisements, making them an effective way to acquire new customers.

Media Data

Daily Industrial News’ media data can be viewed as a PDF file.

Information on legal notices

Daily Industrial News’ guide to placing legal notices. Can be viewed as a PDF file.

Rate Card

Daily Industrial News’ rate card for overseas customers, a guide to advertisement production and overseas contacts information.

Effective for attracting customers to your company’s services and for branding activities relating to new products and services
Online edition advertisements

The Daily Industrial News Online Edition is an online B-to-B news site that is updated every day at 5am, Japan time. The site features newspaper articles, breaking news, news videos, and special online-only content. The site covers a wide range of industrial sector news including machinery, automobiles, IT/electronics, and materials/chemistry and its strengths are reporting on science technology, small and medium-sized companies, and startups. A database of articles from 2008 onward is available on the site (only paid users are able to view full articles). Non-paid users can read up to 11 paid articles a month.

The Daily Industrial News Online Edition advertisement guide

The Daily Industrial News Online Edition advertisement guide can be viewed as a PDF file.

Online edition advertisement submission regulations

The Daily Industrial News Online Edition advertisement submission regulations can be viewed as a PDF file.

The online edition advertisement archive

Here we introduce past advertising features that have been displayed on the Daily Industrial News Online Edition.

Reach university students and businesspeople in the 20 to 49 demographic
Newswitch advertisements

As one would expect from a site operated by a general industry newspaper, Newswitch provides news with constant focus on at least 10 different themes including “Industry 4.0,” MRJ, and robotics. Daily Industrial News reporters and invited experts and specialists act as facilitators for each theme and comment on articles that interest them. Newswitch provides a service that is of interest to a wide range of demographics, including businesspeople aged 20 to 49 and university students─an age group that has generally had few opportunities to come into contact with the Daily Industrial News.

Newswitch Media Guide

The Newswitch media guide can be viewed as a PDF file.

Newswitch Advertisement Submission Regulations

The Newswitch advertisement submission regulations can be viewed as a PDF file.

Magazines that are essential reading for everyone working on the frontlines of monodzukuri
Magazine advertisements

Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, Ltd. publishes the following specialist magazines which are essential reading for everyone working on the frontlines of monodzukuri, from technological professionals to executives: “Press Working,” “Die and Mould Technology,” “Factory Management,” “Machine Design,” “Engineering Materials,” and “Mechanical Engineering.”

Magazine advertisements

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Supporting your business development activities in Indonesia
Promoting your business in Indonesia

As part of our business matching project in Asia, Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, Ltd. formed a business alliance with Indonesian daily general business newspaper “Bisnis Indonesia” in October 2011.
Thanks to Indonesia’s stable economic growth, the industrial sector, particularly motorbike- and automobile-related industries, are expected to enjoy significant growth, making it one of the ASEAN markets most keenly anticipated by the Japanese industrial sector.
The “demographic dividend period,” during which the working-age population peaks, is expected to continue until 2030. The progress being made with industrialization is said to be reminiscent of Japan’s period of growth in the 1960s and 1970s. All this means that there are high hopes for the prospects of Japan’s monodzukuri and technologies in Indonesia.
We recommend that companies engaging in business development in Indonesia make use of Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, Ltd.’s promotional program as an effective PR/marketing tool.

Promoting your business in Indonesia

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