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The Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun (hereafter referred to as “the Company”) implements a wide range of businesses such as publishing newspapers, holding exhibitions and symposia, publishing books and magazines, and providing information through electronic media. The Company’s news and business activities include questionnaire surveys and gift lotteries, etc., and for such the Company may collect names, ages, phone numbers, places of work, addresses, e-mail addresses, account numbers of financial institutions, etc. from the subscribers and customers. Such personal information should be treated with the utmost care from the standpoint of "personal information protection". In accordance with this privacy policy, the Company uses, stores, and disposes of the collected personal information under strict management.

1. About handling of personal information (purpose of use)

The Company uses personal information for the purpose of providing and improving various products and services, and developing new products and services. Some examples of the purpose of use are as follows:

  • To provide information about, confirm purchase of, and deliver newspapers, books, magazines, periodicals, and e-mail newsletter services
  • To provide information about, confirm application for, and deliver admissions tickets for exhibitions, symposia, and seminars, etc.
  • To mediate requests for materials from readers to advertising companies, etc.
  • To conduct satisfaction surveys for the purpose of improving various products and services
  • To make billing and confirm payment for various products and services
  • To provide information and guidance about registration for various membership services
  • To check and analyze the access situation for the purpose of improving the website
  • To check delivery status of advertisements on website, analyze their effectiveness, and show behavioral targeting advertisements

2. About scope of responsibility

The Company does not assume any responsibility for collection, use, or handling of personal information performed on third-party websites that are linked to the Company’s website, or on the advertisers’ websites.

3. About cookies (connection history information automatic collection function)

Cookies are information accumulated on the user’s computer, which are sent from the website server to the browser of the user. The cookies include the user’s browsing history and inputs on the website.
If the user allows sending and receiving of cookies in the browser settings, the server of each website the can send its cookie to the user's browser. However, for the purpose of privacy protection, the website server is only allowed to access the cookie it sent.
The Company may use the information collected through cookies for the purposes such as delivery of contents and advertisements, and confirmation in specific services, but the information shall never be used fraudulently. The information collected using cookies or IP addresses does not contain any information for specifying or identifying individuals.

[About third-party use of cookies]

A third party may collect and use the user's cookie. The cookies collected by the third party will be handled according to the privacy policy of that third party. For the privacy policies and explanations about cookies by the third-party company, visit that third-party company's website.

4. About consent to and withdrawal from the privacy policy

The user is considered to have agreed with the policy of handling personal information when the user indicates intent of consent to this privacy policy. To the extent prescribed in the applicable law, the user may withdraw consent to this privacy policy that has been presented by to the Company. The user may also object to the privacy policy at any time for legitimate reasons. However, if the user withdraws the consent to this privacy policy, the user may no longer be able to use the services the Company provides.

5. About transferring of personal information to other countries

The Company may transfer personal information of the user to the country other than the country in which the information was originally collected. In such countries, there may not be laws related to data protection as in the country in which the user originally provided information. When the Company transfers the user’s personal information to other countries, the Company shall protect that information according to the method described in this privacy policy. In addition, the Company shall thoroughly protect the personal information in accordance with the applicable laws, when transferring personal information outside the EU territory.

6. About procedures for changing the purpose of use and suspending the use

If the Company wishes to use the personal information beyond the scope of "purpose of use" specified at the time of collection, the Company must notify the users or publicize the changes to the purpose of use in advance. The Company shall announce the changes to the purpose of use on "Notice regarding Change to the Use Purpose, etc. of Personal Information" as linked to this privacy policy (personal information protection policy), and also carries out the procedures for suspending the use of personal information.

Notice regarding Change to the Use Purpose, etc. of Personal Information

7. About procedures for correction, disclosure, etc.

When the Company receives a request for correction, disclosure, or notification regarding the purpose of use from those who have provided personal information, the Company shall respond promptly upon identification confirmation, etc. To request for correction, disclosure, or notification of purpose of use, please make an inquiry using the form below.

Inquiry Form

8. About personal information management structure

An in-house manual regarding personal information protection has been established and disseminated in the Company, by which all executives and employees perform protection and management of such information. Personal information is designed to be accessible only to authorized personnel. In addition, the Company supervises appropriate use of the information by related companies and subcontractors.

Chief Privacy Officer: General Manager, Corporate Management Office, the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, Ltd.
14-1, Nihonbashi Koami-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-8548 Japan

If you have any comments or questions regarding the Company’s personal information protection, please make an inquiry using the form below.

Inquiry Form

9. About revision of the privacy policy

The Company may change the privacy policy in whole or in part. If there is any significant change, an announcement shall be made on the Company’s website, etc.