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A century of monitoring and reporting on Japan’s monodzukuri.

Since our inception in 1915, the Daily Industrial News has served as a newspaper providing comprehensive coverage of industrial matters, reporting on business activities and meaningful information from all industrial sectors with speed and accuracy. Our news coverage has surely provided readers with joy and wonder, but, at times, also bad tidings. We believe that this has been the result of our sincere dedication to monodzukuri or manufacturing. Standing on the frontlines, the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun will continue to report on the changing industrial landscape with unchanging passion to all members of industry.

Newspaper business details


Looking at industry with a broad perspective

On our front page we report on the vicissitudes of the industrial sector and the economy. We provide news that helps readers understand what is happening in the industrial sector today, and what will be happening tomorrow. The front page also features serial articles on topical issues, the weekly “Rikejo-Komachi” column (highlighting female engineers and scientists in the industrial sector), and the “Kokaku ” (wide-angled) serial articles in which leading figures in the field of economics expound their pet theories. Pages 2, 3, and 4 feature information on important company announcements, government statistics, press conferences, company credit ratings, obituaries, and so on. The back page features the “Shinso Danmen ” (deep cross-section) column which picks up on the latest issues. We also report on trends in robotics and disaster prevention with careful scrutiny.

Fresh air

On our sector-specific pages we run articles contributed by a wide variety of experts providing information on the cutting-edge activities of our era. Columns also include “Takken Iken ,” contributed by people with in-depth knowledge and experience and think-tank experts; “Shucho ,” contributed by executives and leaders of companies and organizations; and “Weekend,” which covers recreation, food, and health topics.

Full coverage of industry sector news

We configure our pages in a way that makes it easy to access information on different areas of industry such as monodzukuri (manufacturing), automobiles, robotics, machinery/aircraft, electrical appliances/electric components/IT/communications, healthcare, materials/environment, construction/energy/lifestyles, finance, commodity market conditions, science technology/universities, monodzukuri (manufacturing) infrastructure/growth companies, and small and medium-sized companies/regional economies. We pay particular attention to small and medium-sized companies and regional economies, with reporters based in 42 different areas of the country providing reports on local industry trends, local government industry support measures, industry-academia collaboration initiatives, and so on.

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Digital media business

Gateway to the ICT society

The internet is becoming people’s primary source of information. We are working to meet the needs of businesspeople who want constant access to information, anytime and anywhere.

Digital media business details


Keeping a finger on the pulse of the industrial sector

In this era of online information overload, we, as industrial information professionals with 100 years of experience, work to identify accurate and true information and provide it to those who need it.

The Daily Industrial News Online Edition

Our online edition allows readers to access information from the Daily Industrial News anytime and anywhere. We have further enhanced the digital edition by integrating it with “Business Line,” a monodzukuri news site with over eight million monthly page views. The online edition is packed with features that take full advantage of digital technologies including the ability to search for past articles and watch news videos.

Promotional video posting service

@monoDo features videos in English and Japanese introducing outstanding technologies and products from Japan to the world. This serves as a powerful international tool providing small and medium-sized companies with opportunities to have their technologies adopted by world-leading global corporations.

Database service

The Daily Industrial News’ article database is provided to Nikkei Telecom, G-Search, Electronic Library, and other such information services.

Publication business

Readers can delve deeper into information that interests them with our magazines and books. Our magazines and books provide easy-to-understand information on technological trends and practical management knowhow etc. that newspapers─which necessarily focus on daily news─are unable to report in-depth on.

Publication business details



We publish six magazines─“Machine Design,” “Press Working,” “Die and Mold Technology,” “Engineering Materials,” “Factory Management,” and “Mechanical Engineering”─on a regular basis to provide technical information that is useful to those working on the frontlines of monodzukuri. We also introduce outstanding Japanese manufacturing technologies overseas through publications such as the “Manufacturers Guidebook in Chinese,” as well as in free local-language magazines in Thailand and Indonesia.

Magazines Detail


We publish manuals providing technical and practical information on machinery, production management, metals, chemical engineering, electrical appliances, and electronics; textbooks for those studying for certification exams; books on management for businesspeople; and so on. Our TOKOTON-Series provides clear and easy-to-understand information on basic and high-profile technologies and is also proving to be highly popular.

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Free magazines and new business

Free-of-charge information magazines and websites

The Metroguide is a free magazine that provides information on events and interesting spots in Tokyo as well as information on suggested walks through interesting neighborhoods. New Products Information is a general information magazine with focus on capital goods that underpin monodzukuri (manufacturing) activities, with more than 200 articles on products per month. Newswitch is a new information website that allows users to comment on the news.

Free magazines and new business details



Metroguide is a B-to-C paper based on the concept of “enabling readers to experience the four seasons in the subway.” One million copies are printed with each issue, 6 times per year. The paper focuses on events happening around Tokyo such as cherry blossom viewing, festivals, fireworks displays, happy holiday, New Year’s visits to shrines, and so on. Copies are distributed to 138 Tokyo Metro stations. In 2015 the paper celebrated its 20th anniversary.

New Products Information

As the name suggests, this is a magazine that provides information on new products with focus on B-to-B electronics and mechatronics products (capital goods). It is a monthly magazine that introduces roughly 200 products per month. The paper is delivered free of charge to readers, who are mostly procurement staff and executives.


This is a new information website that allows readers to comment on the news. The site gathers and sorts much-discussed in-house articles and content relating to issues such as robotics and the revolution in manufacturing.