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We use the information and exchange networks of the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, Ltd.’s main offices, directorate general offices, and branch offices to fully back up companies’ business development activities. We also collaborate with government agencies, universities, technical colleges, etc. to contribute to the development of the monodzukuri and disaster prevention industries.

  • Association of Industrialists Club

    An organization facilitating the exchange of information between industry, universities, government, and financial institutions at gatherings involving executives of smaller and medium-sized companies, factory managers and branch managers of large companies, and so on. The association was established in 1964, the year of the Tokyo Olympics, and has now grown into a nationwide network encompassing 24 subsidiary organizations with 1,700 members in total. The association also organizes meetings with prefectural governors and city mayors for discussion of industrial policies, and factory tours and study meetings at member companies, and also serves as an intermediary between companies and research institutions including universities.

    The Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, Ltd.’s main offices, directorate general offices, and branch offices around Japan serve as the administrative offices for the association.

    Association of Industrialists Club

  • The Nikkan Kogyo Industrial Research Institute

    Established in 1985 to serve as the organizing body for awards programs such as the student business place contest “Campus Startup Grand Prix ,” the “Ozone Layer Protection and Global Warming Prevention Awards,” the “Environmental Awards,” and the “Excellent New Technologies and Products Award for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises.” The institute also utilizes its industry-academic-government network to host the “Green Forum 21” environmental research conference.

  • MONODZUKURI Nippon Conference

    An organization established in 2007 with the aim of nurturing and strengthening the monodzukuri industry (then called “Conference for the Promotion of MONODZUKURI”). There are roughly 2,000 member organizations, primarily manufacturing companies. The aim of the organization is to work toward the creation of a stable foundation for the future of the industrial sector within the constraints of population, environment, resources, and so on. To achieve this, the organization focuses on activities to strengthen global competiveness and create new industries and business.

  • Disaster Risk Reduction Industry Conference of Japan

    Major natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunami, typhoons, heavy snowfall, and volcanic eruptions occur frequently in Japan. With this in mind, this organization was established in 2015 with the aim of further nurturing and strengthening the disaster prevention industry in order to proactively meet the demand both within Japan and around the world for disaster prevention measures and crisis management. The organization aims to become a strategic body that contributes to the enhancement of Japan’s disaster response capabilities by fostering the disaster prevention industry through private-public initiatives.

  • Hyaku-nen Keiei no Kai (Association for 100 Years Corporate Management)

    The Hyaku-nen Keiei no Kai was established in 2011. The association collaborates with academia on activities aimed at formulating theories on managing companies in a way that helps ensure their longevity. Members learn from companies that have developed continuously for 100 years or more and companies that aim to last longer than 100 years about how they continue to stick to their corporate philosophies and principles, their experiences of overcoming crises, their innovations in response to environmental changes, and so on.

    The association disseminates information in Japan and around the world regarding the appeal of longevity-focused management aimed at achieving sustained growth.

    Hyaku-nen Keiei no Kai

  • BtoB Advertising Association Japan

    The BtoB Advertising Association Japan was established in 1969. The association is dedicated to promoting B-to-B communications activities through education, surveys, and awards programs. The Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, Ltd. helps to support the activities of the association as a member.