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Press Working
press working, magazine- “Press Working” is a general magazine focused on deformation processing and covers information that is useful for those on the production floor. The magazines provide information from a wide range of perspectives concerning not only basic press processing such as punching, bending, and drawing, but also press-related technologies, press machinery and related equipment, sheet metal processing technologies, materials, CAD/CAM, simulation technologies, IT, press and sheet metal factory rationalization, industry trends, and international standards.
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Machine Design
Machine Design, magazine- “Machine Design” is a magazine that provides practical information on designing machinery and devices in this era of digitization and networking. It provides a wide range of information on the constituent elements of machines and the mechanisms that allow them to function, machine control technologies, CAD/CAM/CAE applications required for digitization, the latest essential networking-related information, and detailed information on design data. A machinery design bible for the digital network era.
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Die and Mould Technology
Die and Mould Technology, magazine- “Die and Mould Technology”is Japan’s only general magazine focused on dies and molds. The magazine, which is produced in collaboration with the Japan Society for Die and Mould Technology covers all technologies relating to dies and molds with particular focus on the automotive, electrical appliance, and electronics fields. Areas covered include everything from die and mold design and production to case studies of how dies and molds are utilized, die and mold processing and production technologies and CAD/CAM/CAE systems, die and mold processing machinery, tools, molding materials, and measuring devices. The magazine also covers industry trends, information on the latest products and technologies and useful information for those working on production floors.
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Factory Management
Factory Management, magazine- “Factory Management” directly meets the needs of everyone from technicians working on production frontlines to company executives for practical general information on enhancing production floor operations. The magazine responds rapidly to the fast-changing corporate environment, providing practical information on management and administration methods, production management systems, and an extensive range of case studies and data relating to production floor enhancement methods, etc. It also provides detailed case studies and tips relating to just-in-time strategies, cost reduction, eliminating waste, visual management, the “5S” methodology, and innovation methods to help enhance production floor operations.
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Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering, magazine- “Mechanical Engineering”magazine has closely followed the development over the years of Japan’s mechanical engineering industry. The magazine serves as a bible of machining, covering the latest technological trends and featuring articles and explanatory reports introducing large numbers of new cutting-edge technologies. “Mechanical Engineering” doesn’t merely cover simple cutting and grinding machining technologies but focuses on providing coverage of meaningful technologies based on integration of materials, machinery, tools, and information technologies such as CAD/CAM and so on. The leading authority on a wide range of aspects of machining including digital information production tools, ultraprecision machining, and microfabrication.
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ENGINEERING MATERIALS, magazine- "ENGINEERING MATERIALS" offers wide information on the material quickly so received the high evaluation from people of various fields information source on the material.
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Manufacturers Guidebook
manufacturers guidebook in indonesiamanufacturers guidebook in Thailandmanufacturers guidebook in China- The Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun issues “Manufactures Guidebook” which promotes good products/technologies of Japanese companies to Asian countries such as China,Thailand and Indonesia.